AïA launched in the summer 2018 by French born and New York based designer, Gaïa Jacquet-Matisse. 

Infused with a passionate and keen sense of color, perhaps inherited by her great-great grandfatherHenri Matisse, along with her enduring appreciation and love for fashion, it was simply a matter of time before Gaïa would start designing her own collection. Born in Paris to two artist, Alain Jacquet and Sophie Matisse, her artistic genes have only flourished after years of traveling the world and being inspired by different cultures and fashion trends. Through AïA, Gaïa has brought all of her multi cultural infused insights to life. 

In the first collection from AïA, stunning shades of colored feathersmemorable handwoven trims and soft leather linings hold center stage athe main elements in her pieces today.  All coming together to form vibrant and one of a kind works that aspire to the majestic heroine in all of usDeeply influenced by her many travels, this noteworthy selection consists of harnesses and chokerthat can be worn just as easily on top of, or beneath almost any type of clothing or lingerie.